The History of the Hoschke Family in Australia

1863 to around 1920

The Early Days as Settlers in the Orara Scrub

Table of Contents.




Hoschke Family Beginnings in Australia

Drew Family Beginnings in Australia

Orara Prior to Settlement
(Cedar, Background to Settlement, Land Selections)

The First Years at Orara
(The Move to Orara, Land Clearing, Initial Farming, Transport, Food, Timber and Houses, Family Life in the Early Days, Alternative Sources of Income, Gold Mining, Later Settlers)

Later years at Orara
(Grass, Dairy Farming, Infrastructure, Family Life in Later Times, Associations and Clubs, Farms at Orara)

The Parents
(Amandus, Mary Ann)

The Thirteen Children
(George, Frank, Frederick, Jessie, Annie, Albert, Ted, Harold, Amandus, Ernest, Mary, Minnie, Arthur)




Appendix A – Family Tree

Appendix B – My Excuse by Amandus

Appendix C – Auntie’s Garden

Appendix D – German Connections

Appendix E – The 1986 Reunion

Appendix F – The 2013 Reunion

Appendix G – Coramba Show