The weekend has come to a close, and we hope you all enjoyed the program we put together, it was a lot of hard work and we, while exhausted, are very happy with how the weekend went. We hope you are too 🙂

We’ll post some thank you’s and many more photos and details soon, this is not the end of the webpage or facebook page. Keep your eyes open this week for the links to purchase reunion bags, and the all important book and photos. After discussion and feedback from some of you, we have decided we will collect all the photos from the reunion weekend and also all of the historical photos and they will be available to purchase with the book within the next 6 weeks. Thank you all so much for being so generous in sharing your photos, stories and family information with us for inclusion in the soon to be published book.

So for now…here’s a group photo! Please share your photos from the weekend by emailing them to us or adding them to the facebook page. We were so happy to meet so many of you and put faces to names. We look forward to keeping the conversation going here for a long time to come.

Reunion Photo