14 thoughts on “Ennisil Carl Hoschke

  1. Leeta Burville

    Hi Daphne
    Iam Clive’s sister Phyllis’s daughter Leeta .It is wonderfull to hear that someone that knows Clive or Uncle Pat as we always knew him as family has made contact with this family reunion as we didn’t know where his family were.Would be great to hear from them my email address is leetaburville@bigponds.com My brothers & I live in Queensland.


    • Laurie Hoschke

      Hello Leeta I sent you an email 3 days ago and I wonder if you received it?If not let me know here and I will resend it .. Your cousin Laurie ie your uncle Pats son


  2. kyleshoschke

    Hi Leeta, Laurie & Daphne…Great to see you all making contact, can you make sure you share the info you are swapping with us too so we can make sure our charts are up to date for the reunion, just email them to us on reunion email, thanks so much and can’t want to meet you all, Kylie


  3. Leeta Burville

    Hi Kyle
    Would like to say thanks for this reunion as without it , I would not have found my cousin Laurie & his wife Karen. As I have often wondered where Uncle Pat’s childern were and without this site I may never have found them so thank you look forward to meeting you in Oct. Leeta


  4. kyleshoschke

    You are welcome Leeta, we are having a ball organising a fun weekend for the reunion and look forward to meeting you all too – Kylie on behalf of the committee 🙂


  5. William

    Hello, I guess I should say hi as I am a Hoschke and did not think there was more of me,cool..So whats this about and can anyone fill me in on anything as I’m just plain happily surprised..Thanks William John Hoschke.


  6. kyleshoschke

    Hi William, Thanks for contacting us, we are organising a reunion for October this year in Coffs, lots of family coming! I’ll send you an email with the information on the reunion, hope you can make it! Kylie


  7. Leeta Burville

    Hi William Iam pleased to see you have found the Hoschke reunion as you can see there are lots of Hoschke’s so welcome. Iam Leeta and my mother was Phyllis. I was wondering where you fit into the Hoschke family.Look forward to hearing from you. Leeta


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