Frederick Amandus HOSCHKE was born on 7 Jun 1874 and died on 4 Feb 1922 in Coffs Harbour, Nsw, at age 47.

Frederick married Clunie Bain MANSON, daughter of Alexander MANSON and Frances DAVIS, on 5 Mar 1903 in Upper Orara, Nsw.   They had five children: Elsie Bain, Arthur Charles, William Frederick, Dorothy Nellie, and Francin Mary Joyce.

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Frederick drowned trying to cross the Wongiwomble Creek, as told in the Northern Star newspaper when they reported on the inquest into his death:




WAGGONETTE overturns.

GRAFTON, Friday. – The story of a young farmer’s gallant effort to save a fellow farmer from a flooded stream was told at the inquest at Coramba on Thursday into the death of Frederick Amandus Hoschke, who was found dead in a creek near Karangi, between Grafton and Coff’s Harbour, after the local flood on February 4. This stream winds through lonely and mountainous country and is crossed by a usually shallow ford.

Hoschke, who in his younger days was a coach driver, endeavoured to drive a waggonette and two horses across the torrent at the ford, but the horses stopped midway and the current catching the vehicle swung it round and down the stream.

Hoschke climbed down from the seat onto the waggon pole between the plunging horses and tried to release the animals from the harness. He had almost succeed-ed when the waggonette capsized, carrying him and the horses under the water. He came to the surface but could not swim to the bank, only ten yards away, and he was seen to frantically endeavour to remove his heavy canvas overcoat but without success. He was being carried down the stream rapidly when a young man, Gavin Buchanan, jumped in the water off the bank and went to the rescue. Buchanan reached Hoschke and caught the overcoat and kept him above the water and together they were carried in the torrent for 100 yards. The struggle was too great and Buchanan had to let go of Hoschke and he sank and was drowned. Buchanan grabbed some brambles in the stream and kept himself afloat until a rope was thrown.

Colin Buchanan and another farmer also tried to go to the rescue and threw a rope when the two were being carried down the stream, but it became entangled in the wild undergrowth and fell short.

The magistrate, Mr. A. H. Parkes, said that Gavin Buchanan had acted very bravely and he hoped his meritorious conduct would be brought under the notice of the proper authorities.

Northern Star (Lismore, NSW : 1876 – 1954), Saturday 18 February 1922, page 5

Both Gavin & Colin were rewarded for their bravery, as published in the Daily Examiner (Grafton, NSW : 1915 – 1954), Tuesday 5 September 1922, page 5


The bravery award given to Gavin Buchanan is held at the Coffs Harbour Regional Museum.

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  2. Brent Gilligan

    I have just become a member of the Hoschke Family in Australia website. James Davis and Rachel Shannoch were my gg grandparents on the maternal side of my family. This makes Clunie my first cousin twice removed. Can I please have your permission to use the photo of Frederick and Clunie in my family tree?
    Brent Gilligan


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