Mary Gertrude Isabell HOSCHKE was born on 10 Mar 1889 in the Orara Valley. She was the 11th child born to Amandus and Mary and their third daughter. Mary suffered from asthma, and was sent to live with her maternal grandparents in Orange, which was a drier climate, at around 12 years of age.


In 1914 at the age of 25, Mary married William David Tait in Wellington. His family owned a bakery in Wellington that had been around for some time before Mary & William married. William’s father Robert had passed away in September 1910, William was only 23 and from birth, deaths and marriage records it appears he was the only surviving child of their marriage, so we can assume it was expected that he take over the bakery and look after his mother.


There is reference to the roof being blown off the bakery and the adjoining store in what was called the largest storm in living memory in January 1899.

Mary & William lived above the shop for many years and it’s believed they raised their family there until at least 1948. Above the shop there were three bedrooms, a lounge and bathroom. At the rear of the shop downstairs there was another lounge area and an office. When the bakery was sold the family moved to Enmore in Sydney and then later to Concord.

As mentioned Mary & William had five children, Edith Elizabeth Mary, Robert William, May Ethel, Edward Arthur, and Joan Isabel. Mary’s mother in law Elizabeth Tait also lived with them at the store, so it must have been fairly crowded with 8 people living in a three bedroom home.



William passed away on April 3rd 1944 at the age of 57. He is buried in the Wellington General Cemetery in the Methodist section along with both of his parents Robert & Elizabeth, and his sister Isabella Sherriff Tait who had passed away in 1902.

Mary Tait nee Hoschke died on 3 Sep 1961, at age 72. We’d dearly love to find Peter Gunning / Tait / Finucane or members of this family. Information here has been collected from obituaries, family stories from Ian, Doug & Margaret Hoschke, Duane Norris and the Internet (headstone photos). So this is a call out, we hope others can pass it on also. Mary’s name is one of the most searched for names on our website, so if you are out there and you are family, we’d love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “Mary Gertrude Isabell Hoschke

  1. Suzanne

    Hi, we are decendant from William Tait’s half brother Robert Ross Tait (full brother to Isabella Sherriff Tait and Frederick Tait) and living in NZ. Robert Ross Tait married Hester Lewena Hughes on 28/11/1900 at St Lukes Church, Gulgong, NSW. Robert and Hester came to NZ in 1903. Suzanne


    • kyleshoschke

      Hi Suzanne,

      Thanks so much for your information. Through others support and help we have been able to make contact with the only living descendant of Mary Tait.



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