Jean was born on 15 Dec 1921 and died on 22 Apr 1999, at age 77.  Jean  married a man named Eric GUNNING, later in life and had no children, although she raised her sister Edith’s son Peter.

It appears from information on electoral rolls that Jean worked as a nurse and then as a house inspector (no information on what type of inspection).  Also, it is implied that she did not marry until some time between 1963 and 1980 (which would explain why it is not in BDM) – this is based on her last name in the electoral roll.

Doug & Margaret Hoschke met with her at her home in Port Macquarie in the last few years before she passed away, but sadly she was not able to share much about her family.

– Information from Ian Hoschke & Doug & Margaret Hoschke

4 thoughts on “Jean Isabel Tait

      • Duane Norris


        If you come across a Peter Finucane or Peter Gunning or Peter Tait (all the same person) I believe he is the only living descendent of the Tait bakery clan from Wellington, please let me know.


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