For many years some of the newspapers had a column containing the news from Upper Orara. This one is interesting and has some family references.


  • Mrs. G. Davis was Jessie Hoschke who married George Davis
  • Maize was a major crop in the early days
  • Mr. F. Hoschke was either Frank or Frederick, the second and third children of Amandus and Ann respectively
  • ‘3s’ is three shillings or 30 cents in decimal currency but worth much more in 1900
  • Note that at the time married women were referred to by the husband’s name so this needs to be kept in mind when searching for items about them
  • Ferndale was the first permanent Hoschke house and is still standing
  • Dunvegan school was the Upper Orara primary school located on land selected by John McLeod hence the Scottish name (it was originally known as Bradley’s camp)


Our correspondent writes : — We have at last had a splendid downpour of rain, and indeed it was about time it came, as things were beginning to look very serious. The corn crops withstood the dry weather very well, but gardens were ruined and grass was almost a thing of the past.

The scarcity of grass was being severely felt by those engaged in dairying, and the milk supply had fallen of considerably. Mr. George Davis had the misfortune, about a fortnight ago, to have his barn burnt down, and the contents, consisting of some harness and a quantity of maize, destroyed. It appears there were some logs burning close by, and sparks were carried by the wind to the roof of the barn.

The Upper Orara Cricket Club has been re-formed. Last season’s balance-sheet showed a debit balance of 26s., and it has been decided to hold a social in aid of the club funds at an early date. Mr. S. Ferrett has been elected president, Mr. F. Hoschke vice-president, Mr. A. L. Walsh secretary and treasurer, and Messrs. W. Robinson, Chas. Ferrett, and A. L. Walsh selection committee. The member ship fee has been fixed at 3s., and about 15 members have joined. It is just possible that a good season’s cricket will be indulged in, for it is about the only amusement we poor benighted backblockers have.

The season was opened at ‘”The Cedars” on Saturday last, by a match between Upper Orara and Karangi. Karangi, batting first, were all disposed of for 39 runs; W. Buchanan and C. Clarke made the best stand, the former carrying his bat from first in to tenth wicket. The bowling of B. Ferrett and W. Gettens was very deadly. Upper Orara had lost five wickets for 105 runs when rain stopped further play; Gettens (not out 80) played a good innings, and A. L. Walsh (19) and B. Ferrett (5) were the other run-getters. The wicket, which is a new one, played rather bumpy.

Mrs. G. Davis has been very ill for some days, but is now improving in health. Mrs. Davis, who is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hoschke, of Ferndale, has the sincere sympathy of the residents.

Some folk here are of opinion that a married teacher should be appointed to the Dunvegan school, but, as there is no residence, I think any application for such a change would meet with refusal.

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