Family History

Auntie Annie

Annie was born in 1877, in Bathurst, and came to Orara with the family in 1886.  She lived in the old family house.  For many years, it served as the Upper Orara Post Office.

Starting in 1888, John McLeod ran the original Post Office, which was located on his farm.  In 1902, Jeanette Ide leased his property and took over the Post Office.  From 1912, there were others in charge until 1915 when the building burnt down.

Auntie Annie

Then Annie took over and the office moved to the Hoschke family house at ‘Ferndale’.  This is just across from the Ide property, at the intersection of Upper Orara road with the Dairyville road.  Jeanette Ide was the mother of Robert Ide who married Annie’s sister Minnie.  Hence, the sisters were neighbours.  Annie continued running the Post Office until 1929 and filled in at other times.

Her parents died in the 1920’s but Annie lived in the house for the remainder of her life.  The garden that she maintained in the front of the building was well known.

Phyllis, Ada Davis & Leeta Burville

Annie’s obituary records that “Deceased was renowned for her unselfish service at the Orara post office and the door was never closed to the people whom she served.  She will always be remembered for the beautiful way in which she kept her garden, her love of children and the unfailing helping hand she extended to all.”

She was a focal point for the family and kept in touch with family members and friends as they dispersed around the country.  She also kept in contact with the Goeths family in Queensland.  When Amandus arrived in Australia, deserting from a German ship in Brisbane, [Frederick Wilhelm] Goeths accompanied him.

Auntie Annie

Annie, who did not marry, died at Coffs Harbour in 1970 aged 92. If anyone has more information and / or photos of the Annie and the garden please let us know.

2 thoughts on “Auntie Annie

  1. Leeta Burville

    Hi Ian
    Thanks for story of Aunty Annie I remember staying there as a child i don’t know if you know who is in the photo. The people in the photo are my mother Phyllis, Ada Davis & myself i have this photo also & another of my mother & Ada on a horse which i think was taken in the garden unfortunatly i can’t scan & sent photos from from my computer i also have poem about aunties garden do you have this i will sent that too when i go to my daugthers Brisbane in July
    Regards Leeta


    • Ian Hoschke

      I did not have the names of the people in the photo. I have a poem about the garden, written by May Hunter, which may be the same one. A copy of any photos or information, that covers the lives of the 13 children of Amandus and Mary Ann, is of interest.


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