2013 Reunion

Tennis anyone?


Hope everyone is enjoying the tennis on the television, or in Melbourne if you are lucky! Thanks to Pat Davis for sharing this undated photo of the Orara tennis courts. It looks a whole lot cooler there than in Melbourne this week, one would hope, given their outfits!

Don’t forget that we only have book and photo orders open for another week, at that point we’ll be finalising instructions to the printer. At this stage there will only be one print run, so please share with your families. Thanks to everyone who has placed their orders so far, I’ve had a sneak peak at the book, and I know you’ll be delighted when you see it too! A copy of the book would make an ideal Christmas or birthday gift for your family, get in early with the Christmas shopping!

Petrea has come on board to help with our Facebook page, that’s where we get the most traffic to our website from, and we are one like off 100 likes. Head on over here and like our page if you haven’t already! Thanks to Petrea, I’m sure it will become a whole lot more interactive!

Lastly, but most importantly I am now a proud grandma! Our lovely daughter-in-law Samantha, who was pregnant at the reunion, and our son Aaron, have become parents to the most gorgeous little baby boy, Caleb. We are very proud grandparents, and I promise this won’t turn into grandma’s brag book, but allow me to share one photo!


Til next time,

Caleb’s Grandma – Kyles

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