Local Area History

Success at last – Dairy Farming – Part 2

Continuing on with last week’s article regarding the beginning of success for Amandus, his sons and other settlers at Orara, Ian this week takes a look at how Amandus’ impatience led to him building his own separator to produce cream for sale.

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There are specific dates for some developments such as when the jetty was built at Coffs Harbour and the public hall was opened at Orara. With dairying the development was gradual. It is unlikely that the farmers had sufficient money or opportunity to buy a whole dairy herd. More likely they started with cows to provide milk for their own use, then with some surplus they could start selling milk/cream and the miners were a local market. People made butter for themselves. Then by breeding their own cattle the herd would gradually grow in size.

The proposal to establish a butter factory to process milk locally was a major undertaking. The challenge was to settle on a location and to ensure there were enough farmers committed supplying milk. Amandus did not want to wait so went ahead with his own separator to produce cream for sale. Note how the upgrade of the roads was ongoing and that the locals were involved in community projects.

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