2013 Reunion, Family News & Updates


Thought I’d pass on a few stats regarding our reunion so far! As of this afternoon we have had over 2000 hits on the website. See below for a breakdown on where those hits have come from, which is pretty amazing!


We also now have 68 subscribers who get emails when new information is posted, you can subscribe on the top right hand side of this page 🙂

Registrations have started coming in and we have people coming from as far away as Darwin and New Zealand. Don’t forget to register as well to make sure we have your details! Registration acknowledgements are coming out this week, so keep your eye on your inbox or letterbox if you have registered.

Hope everyone is safe and dry,

Kylie (in wet Coffs Hbr)

2 thoughts on “Snapshot

  1. Daphne Switzer

    Hi, I’am not a Hoschke, but my connection is through the Sonter.
    Do you have informatiom on Amandus shipping records,? I have the detail on two ships that he worked on, can help there if need be, also certificate of Naturalization, did you know that Amandus return to Germany for a visited. if this indormation is of help, reply to the email address,


  2. kyleshoschke

    Thanks Daphne, We have the details of domestic shipping records that Amandus worked on, yes he did return to Germany and we have some details of that too, fascinating story hey? Feel free to share anything via email that you’d like published on here, thanks so much, Kylie


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