2013 Reunion

Hello Everyone!!

Just a quick update to let everyone know what’s happening, but first a picture that explains it all!



It was definitely our plan to have the book published by Christmas, and to have kept this page updated more frequently. I (Kylie) apologise that that has not been the case. There have been bouts of ill health, a hospital stay, and post reunion exhaustion in general. But rest assured our author Ian has been very busy finalising all the stories and information for the book. Thanks to some helpful proofreaders and editors also.

Both the book and photos (historical and from the reunion) will be available to purchase in the new year, watch this space as they say. In the next week or so, we will be asking for people to confirm the number of books they would like, and pre order. We would hate for anyone to miss out, so hope to just do one print run.

We have ran out of some items in the reunion packs, but there are still plenty of bags, mugs, wristbands and balloons available. The error with the website has also been corrected so you can place your orders with the quantities you want of each item. You can order things here.

Thanks in advance for your patience and we wish you all a very merry Christmas with your families. Keep your eye out for expressions of interest and pre-orders for the book and photos.

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